The Science of Willpower

Plenty start but few finish. People will often attribute their failure to a lack of sufficient willpower. They didn’t reach their targets, stick with the exercise program or sufficiently prepare for the key presentation or negotiation, not because they didn’t have the ability, but because they ran out of willpower.

Over the past two decades, research from all over the world has demonstrated that:

  • We all have reserves of willpower that are depleted on a daily basis.
  • Our willpower reserves can be preserved through the application of specific strategies.
  • We can increase our willpower.

Dramatically Increase Your Willpower in 4 Weeks

The old adage ‘where there’s a will there’s a way‘ is borne out by decades of research. Willpower is a critical component of achievement. Applying the  latest findings from Neuroscience and the best practices of elite performers, we enable our clients to significantly develop their willpower muscles for the purposes of:

  • Sticking with their plans for goal achievement long after the dopamine rush for starting out has worn off and unexpected obstacles litter their paths.
  • Eliminating self destructive habits and behaviour patterns.
  • Introducing and sticking the new patterns and habits e.g. exercise.
  • Raising their game to a new level.

If you have trouble achieving your goals due to a lack of willpower, contact us today to discuss how we can help you increase your willpower reserve.