13 Scott Eblin – From Overworked and Overwhelmed to High Performance and More Fulfilling Life

Today’s guest is an author and executive coach Scott Eblin who explains how to move from a state of being overworked and overwhelmed to one of high performance while leading a more fulfilling life.

As an executive coach, speaker, and author, Scott works with senior and rising leaders in some of the world’s best known and regarded organizations. He is the author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative and The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success.

Listen in to how Scott uses mindfulness practices to manage stress, experience flow, and maximize performance.

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“The impact of chronic fight or flight on your health can be devastating.” – Scott Eblin

Show Notes:

  • How the writings of John Kabat-Zinn influenced Scott
  • Why yoga helped Scott not only with his MS, but in his whole life
  • Rest or digest: the counterpart to our fight or flight response
  • The science behind why meditation works
  • The path Scott took towards a more mindful state
  • How Scott perceives mindfulness
  • What are the effects of technology on our mindfulness?
  • You don’t need to run from a saber-toothed tiger to be in fight or flight
  • What is mindfulness in our everyday lives?
  • How mindfulness works with planning for the future
  • The idea of “praxis”
  • Benefits of focusing on doing little things that make a big difference
  • Why Scott recommends the “5% solution” to accomplish goals
  • Advice on developing and maintaining habits
  • The 4x4x4 technique used by Navy SEALs to manage stress
  • Why you need both a gas and a brake pedal
  • One word which summarizes Scott’s book
  • The correlation between mindfulness and flow

“I don’t think our brains have caught up with the technology that’s feeding our brains.” – Scott Eblin

How to Stay Effective when you Have a Full Workload:

  1.  Take three deep breaths, and ask yourself:
  2. “What am I trying to do?”
  3. “How do I need to show up to do that?”

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“Excellence is not an act, but a set of routines.” – Scott Eblin