Increase Your Resilience Not Stress

According to recent research, more than 70% of individuals in executive positions experience high stress on a regular basis. Entrepreneurs and other professionals suffer equal and sometimes greater stress.  Burnout is on the rise with significant consequences for physical and mental health, while the financial cost to individuals, corporations and governments runs into billions.

Resilience is critical for when the best laid plans go wrong e.g. when an economic crash renders your current business model ineffective or when you have to deal with conflict. If not addressed, these stresses accumulate and increase to the point where we can no longer perform adequately.

Resilient people bounce back from challenges, thrive under pressure, adapt to fast changing environments and effectively manage stress.

Resilience is not simply something people are born with but can be learned and developed.

“Our company was going through a difficult time during a major restructure. Martin’s support and advice enabled me stay focused on what needed to be done and effectively deal with the many stresses I faced along the way.”
 CEO Fortune 500 Company, Silicon Valley

How Science is Revolutionising Stress Management

Neuroscience has recently increased our understanding of how the brain and body responds to stress. We now know that our mindset and expectations can dramatically change how we experience stress. We also now know that stress can be extremely beneficial for our performance, well being and happiness.

Today’s challenges require a new approach as many ‘traditional’ stress management approaches are either ineffective or inappropriate.  We provide our clients with a toolbox of proven, research backed, traditional and cutting edge strategies and technologies that are used by corporate executives, special forces and other high stress professions and are supported by research coming out of Harvard, Stanford and other prestigious institutions.

“I no longer have to wait for a holiday to breathe again.”

JB, Senior Lawyer at top 10 Law Firm

Feel More Resilient Within Days

Our resilience coaching program is specifically designed for individuals experiencing stress and burnout. It is based on the most recent research into the psychology and neuroscience of stress and resilience and utilises a combination of scientifically validated daily practices, including those used by the military, and technology.

In 4 weeks you will learn how to:

  • Feel more able to handle life’s challenges
  • Manage and use stress to your advantage.
  • Reach the end of an intense day without feeling frazzled
  • Stay calm and focused in high-pressure situations e.g. difficult hearings or last minute deadlines
  • Maintain a ‘steady hand’ under pressure and during those times when things don’t go to plan
  • Thrive under the most challenging conditions including long hours and high consequences.
  • Avoid long-term burnout
  • Relax and recharge
  • Improve sleep quality

Before becoming a full time coach, Martin spent 15 years as a successful practising lawyer in high profile cases in the national and international courts so has first hand experience of the immense stress and pressures that high performance individuals with great responsibility face. For the past decade he has advised and coached executives, entrepreneurs, bankers,  lawyers, judges and other high performance professionals, helping them rapidly and permanently reduce stress.

As every individual and their circumstances are unique, advice and recommendations are customised for each client.

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