Perform at Your Best When You Need it Most

There are times when it is necessary to perform at your absolute best for a specific task or event. This might be delivering a presentation that could result in a multi million-dollar contract, leading a difficult meeting or negotiation when you have had next to little or no sleep or creating an important piece of work.

The ability to summon up your resources and ‘bring your A game’ will often be the difference between success or failure. Most people have had the experience of performing extremely well but few understand how to create the internal and external conditions and access their most valuable cognitive resources in order to activate a state of peak performance. We will show you how.

“I have worked with a number of coaches over the years but none have had the incredible impact that Martin has had on my professional life. I have many demanding roles and responsibilities and at times maintaining clarity, focus and intensity is challenging. Through his 3XP coaching methods Martin has enabled me to significantly increase my performance and productivity whilst gaining the clarity necessary to make the right decisions.”  Dapinder Singh, Barrister at Carmelite Chambers and Investor, London

Perform Under Extreme Pressure

When the pressure is on the ability to maintain a steady hand and clarity of thought is critical. Whether you’re handling an unexpected crisis that threatens you or your organisation, or working throughout the night to meet an urgent and important deadline.

For many, extreme pressure clouds their judgment and ability to think clearly. Just when they need to perform at their best, the pressure causes them to ‘choke’ and underperform, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Martin has worked with individuals who face high pressure situations on a regular basis including first responders, senior executives, investment bankers and law enforcement and will show you how to develop and access the necessary resources  (clarity, calmness, focus and intensity) when you need them most.

“My work dictates that I travel across the States and to Europe on a frequent basis to meet with clients and colleagues. Martin showed me how to ensure I show up at the top of my game every time.”  Dee Allen, Executive Producer, The Mill, NYC

Less Stress More Flow

Athletes describe the experience as being in ‘the Zone’ or the ‘sweet spot’; psychologists call it “flow” or a peak state.

Being in state of “flow” is when we produce our best work and perform way above and beyond and normal levels of productivity and effectiveness. Being in a “Flow” facilitates greater job satisfaction and job performance. Business leaders and companies are increasingly exploring the uses of “flow” states in the work place. A McKinsey study found that top executives in a state of “flow” are five times more productive then when not.

While performing the activity we are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, being present and full involvement, and engagement in what we are doing. The ability to get in to a state of “flow” makes the difference between an average day and a great one.

We work with clients to create the optimum conditions for flow in their working environment and identify ‘Flow Triggers’.

Performance for the Distance

More challenging than achieving peak performance in moments of challenging, sustaining a high level of performance over the distance. In today’s world, success often depends one being able to excel at both the sprints and the marathons. We help our clients by creating routines that match their energy and natural rhythms with their work life requirements and provide them with advice on how to maintain and restore themselves for sustainable performance.

Techniques Used by Military and Elite Performers

Athletes and special forces personnel know more than anyone how to achieve a peak state and perform at their absolute best under pressure. Our clients benefit from many of the same proven strategies and techniques used by both world class athletes and special forces.

Supported by the latest research from the fields of Neuroscience and Performance Psychology our performance coaching will enable you to perform at your absolute best in times of challenge and crisis.

Contact Jenny today to discuss how we can help you perform at your best, when you need it most.