Insights Based on 25 Years of Experience


3XP coaching is designed for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and future leaders. Our intensive coaching solutions are built around your specific needs and will provide you with a science based, customised and time efficient program that you will be able to incorporate into your daily routine.

Key Benefits

  • Master easy to implement strategies and techniques for increasing performance and effectiveness.
  • Achieve your most important outcomes faster.
  • Develop the ability to utilise laser focus for solving problems, assimilating vast tranches of material and preparing for meetings, presentations and negotiations.
  • Develop the resilience necessary to deal more effectively with setbacks and stress.
  • Be introduced to the latest technology that assists with recovery, performance and productivity.


Not Therapy or Positive Thinking

Based on Martin Soorjoo’s 25 years of experience working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers, his training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Performance Psychology and in depth knowledge of Neuroscience , 3XP Coaching provides you with practical tools and strategies to help you achieve your most important outcomes.

3XP coaching is not therapy. As someone who has been a high performance professional for 25 years, often working in challenging environments, Martin fully understands the stresses and demands faced by his clients but also recognises they do not need to be handled with ‘kids gloves’ and want frank feedback with fast, effective solutions.  Martin pushes his clients to help them dig deep and extract the very best from within themselves.

Unlike other executive coaching programs, Martin’s approach is designed to help you achieve optimum performance, be productive and maintain leadership presence at times when the pressure is greatest.


In Person, Video Conference or Telephone

Coaching is provided in person, via video conference and over the telephone. Email support is provided when needed.

Contact Jenny  today to discuss how we can help you take your performance and productivity to the next level.