15 Dr. Dave Alred MBE – The Pressure Principle: Handle Stress, Harness Energy, and Perform When It Counts

Dr. Dave Alred MBE on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today’s guest is Dr. Dave Alred MBE, coach to top international athletes, sports teams and businesses. Dave is an expert in performance under pressure and shares his experience and insights.

Widely acknowledged as one of the best coaches operating on the planet today, Dr. Dave Alred’s new book The Pressure Principle helps us deal with our challenges, from how a child-like approach can help us through tough moments, to the best ways to face an audience, to why language is the ultimate performance-enhancing drug.

Listen in as we talk about how to work with our pressures to achieve the best we can.

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“Look like you’re in control, and you probably will be.” – Dr. Dave Alred

Show Notes:

  • What inspired Dave to write his book
  • How Dave defines pressure
  • The way pressure saps your necessary resources
  • How to better focus on the process
  • Why thinking like a world-class athlete can help us practice
  • The main reason we get affected by pressure
  • Why you’re not too old to learn
  • Rekindling that five-year old enthusiasm
  • Reframing our worldview to challenges, not threats
  • The no-limit mindset and how to develop it
  • “There are no TV dinners in improvement”
  • Nerves and adrenaline are… a great thing
  • How body language can affect us under pressure
  • Dave’s “command posture”
  • The difference between warming up and preparing
  • Why Dave encourages us to be more “messy and unorganized” in our practice
  • The breathing technique Dave uses and teaches for when you’re under pressure

“The issue with pressure is, it’s a sort of tug of war between the outcome and the process.” – Dr. Dave Alred

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“There are no TV dinners in improvement, you have to work at it.” – Dr. Dave Alred