16 Caroline Webb – How To Have A Good Day: Harness The Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life

Caroline Webb on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today’s guest is Caroline Webb, CEO of Sevenshift, Senior Advisor to McKinsey and author of How to Have a Good Day. Caroline is CEO of Sevenshift, a firm that shows people how to use insights from behavioral science to improve their working life. Her book on that topic, How To Have A Good Day, is…

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15 Dr. Dave Alred MBE – The Pressure Principle: Handle Stress, Harness Energy, and Perform When It Counts

Dr. Dave Alred MBE on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today’s guest is Dr. Dave Alred MBE, coach to top international athletes, sports teams and businesses. Dave is an expert in performance under pressure and shares his experience and insights. Widely acknowledged as one of the best coaches operating on the planet today, Dr. Dave Alred’s new book The Pressure Principle helps us deal with our…

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14 Alex Soojung-Kim Pang – The Power of Rest and Play for Performance and Productivity

Alex Soojong-Kim Pang on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today’s guest is author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, who explains how we can use the power of rest and play for performance and productivity. Alex is the author of Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less, and The Distraction Addiction, and holds a PhD in History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania. In this…

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13 Scott Eblin – From Overworked and Overwhelmed to High Performance and More Fulfilling Life

Today’s guest is an author and executive coach Scott Eblin who explains how to move from a state of being overworked and overwhelmed to one of high performance while leading a more fulfilling life. As an executive coach, speaker, and author, Scott works with senior and rising leaders in some of the world’s best known and…

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12 Scott Carney – What Doesn’t Kill Us

Scott Carney on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today, I’m talking to award winning author and investigative journalist Scott Carney who discusses his fascinating journey into the extremes of human performance and resilience. Scott is the author of the New York Times bestseller What Doesn’t Kill Us, and his writing has been featured in Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Foreign Policy, Discover, Outside and Fast Company. He…

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11 The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today I’m talking about an ability that is one of the most important that anyone can possess. It’s increasingly rare but is needed more than ever in today’s world, and so it’s becoming an extremely valuable asset. What is this quality? It’s the Power of Focus. Listen in as I talk about how people are…

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10 Dr. Jason Selk – How to Develop Mental Toughness and Achieve Your Goals

Dr. Jason Selk on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today I’m talking to master of mental toughness, Dr. Jason Selk. Jason is the Director of Mental Training for the St. Louis Cardinals, and helped the team win their first World Series in over 20 years. He is also the author of 10-Minute Toughness and Executive Toughness, and co-author of his most recent book Organize…

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09 Dr. Josh Davis – Science-Based Strategies For Getting Your Most Important Work Done

Dr. Josh Davis on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today’s guest is Dr. Josh Davis, Director of Research at the NeuroLeadership Institute. Josh is the author of the international bestseller ‘Two Awesome Hours’  and a master of helping people use their brains the right way to become more effective and perform better. You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on iTunes, and be sure to leave me…

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08 Jeff Boss – How to Embrace Uncertainty and use Chaos to our Advantage

Jeff Boss on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today’s guest is Jeff Boss, a highly decorated Navy Seal for more than 13 years who was shot more than once in combat. Jeff’s military awards include 4 Bronze Stars with Valor, 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Presidential Unit Citations, and 6 Combat Action Ribbons. Jeff thrives under pressure and is used to performing at the…

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07 Mark Divine – 20x Your Performance, Radical Focus, De-stress & Find Your Purpose

Mark Divine on Inside Mastery with Martin Soorjoo

Today I’m talking to retired Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine. Mark served for 20 years in the Seals, and was ranked #1 trainee in his class. He is also the New York Times bestselling author of The Unbeatable Mind, founder of Seal Fit and the Unbeatable Mind Academy, and host of Unbeatable Mind Podcast. Mark…

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