25 Years of Achievement- Committed to Your Future Success

The 3XP Performance System was developed by Martin Soorjoo, a former high-flying attorney, who over the course of the past 12 years has coached, advised and worked alongside highly successful individuals from organizations ranging from Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, the United Nations, Freshfields and other international law firms, high growth startups, the military and law enforcement personnel. Martin also had the privilege of knowing and working with the late Robert Davies, CEO and Founder of the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum.steve-1

The application of 3XP practices enables individuals and teams to increase their Performance, Resilience and Effectiveness.  The system utilises the latest research from Neuroscience and Performance Psychology along with the best practices of the world’s elite performers; including the military and athletes. It is based on the understanding that people often fail to achieve their goals for different reasons and therefore need individual solutions.

Martin works with those individuals and teams who need to bring their ‘A game’ fast or have hit a wall in terms of making progress towards an important goal. Often called upon during a crisis or asked to help individuals and teams achieve a breakthrough in their performance, Martin is an expert at enabling peak performance and helping high achievers attain new standards of performance and effectiveness.

Prior to becoming a full time coach, Martin practiced as a successful attorney for over 15 years. During this period he also coached other attorneys. Martin subsequently trained and qualified in a variety of human performance and communication disciplines including  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (qualifying as a Master Practitioner) and body language. Martin is an avid consumer of the latest developments and breakthroughs from the fields of Neuroscience and Performance Psychology, which he shares with his clients and large social media following.

Martin previously founded The Pitch Clinic, which helps startups raise capital from Venture Capitalists, is the author of ‘Here’s the Pitch – How to Pitch Your Business to Anyone, get Funded and Win Clients‘ and a frequent media guest and keynote speaker.

Known for his personal, down to earth yet challenging approach, Martin enjoys the privilege of being the ‘secret weapon’ behind an individual or team’ success.